WordPress Plugin: Adding Google Analytics functionality to your pages

For those of you who do not know of it yet, getting data from Google Analytics is an important of your overall strategy. By integration of the code from Google Analytics, you are able to get a lot more information about your visitors, and do the analysis about which techniques work, and which techniques don’t […]

WordPress Theme + Plugin: Making your site more iPhone friendly – use WPtouch

The iPhone is a revolution in the mobile market, leading to its becoming the top selling product in the SmartPhone market. There are a huge set of users out there who use the iPhone for navigating to different sites and consequently form a market for your blog. It would be a mistake to ignore all […]

How to add a Facebook Fan Page Box onto your blog (WordPress, Blogger, others)

Facebook is now proving to be a big social networking tool, with a huge number of people spending time on Facebook. It should form an important part of your strategy to get more Facebook users to visit your Facebook Fan Page, and to interact over there. The ideal case is when people are really interested […]

Uisng Google Friend Connect to share to Twitter and Facebook

In today’s world, it has become pretty important to ensure that if you want your website to get promoted and get more readers, you cannot just depend on adding content to your site (even if the content is very rich and useful) to get more readers. You need to be proactive, and add tools and […]