Does having multiple items in a feed defy Adsense terms ?

If you have read about Adsense, you would also have read about how Google ensures the terms and conditions as well as the Program Policies enforced for Adsense. If you contradict those, you can be sure that either Google will ensure those policies themselves, or kick you out of the program. So, for example, Google […]

Stop Plagiarism: Add backlinks to your content feed

RSS feeds give a very easy to get your content up on other sites. Not a very good thing, given that a person looking to get some quick (and steal some content written after a lot of effort) content up on their site would just need to subscribe to your content, and then use this […]

What to do when somebody accuses you of copyright violation ?

If you are indeed violating copyright and are not able to defend yourself on clear grounds, it may make sense to acknowledge that this may have indeed happened (either by mistake, or deliberately), and remove the offending material that is copyrighted. However, there are many cases when the notice for copyright violation has been mistakenly […]

If somebody copies from your blog, then report to Google Adsense

One of the most critical ways to grow the readership of your blog is to get fresh content on a regular basis. Another important criteria is that your blog has content that is not copies onto many other sites, and is more exclusive (having exclusive content means that somebody searching for this content in a […]