Problems with Feedburner, all subscriber levels down to zero – September 2012

Feedburner is a system that allows blog owners to manage their feeds, both RSS and email. This was an excellent independent service that was free, and then was bought by Google as part of their strategy to have more control over areas where content is involved (similar to what they did when they bought Blogger). […]

WordPress Plugin: Adding Google Analytics functionality to your pages

For those of you who do not know of it yet, getting data from Google Analytics is an important of your overall strategy. By integration of the code from Google Analytics, you are able to get a lot more information about your visitors, and do the analysis about which techniques work, and which techniques don’t […]

Using the TwitterCounter to showcase your visitors

Twitter is a pretty powerful social networking tool, that allows users to quickly get updates when you make a post. If you are writing a blog, and have good, rich content, using Twitter is pretty important to gain readers. There are a huge number of readers out there, and if you are writing content that […]