Quick Security Checklist for Webmasters – from the Google Blog

For many people, getting content onto a web page is the most important part of developing traffic and ensuring that you increase the chances of earning revenue. However, consider that you need to ensure that your page remains on the internet, and does not get hacked, something that is happening with a higher frequency nowadays. […]

Protecting your .htaccess file – a tutorial

For slightly more advanced users, securing your blog or web host is an important part of ensuring the security. However, people tend to quake when it comes to doing such operations, and there is a heightened sense of fear at making any changes that could end up corrupting your settings or otherwise tampering with the […]

Learn more about hardening WordPress at Codex

As part of a security policy for your WordPress installation, you should learn about hardening of the installation. The Hardening WordPress page at the Codex (link) contains a lot of information about how to harden your installation, getting rid of security risks and making your blog more secure. The entire process is geared towards not […]

WordPress security tips (part 9) – Plugins to secure your blog

In continuation of an earlier series of posts towards making your WordPress installation more secure, here are some more plugins and steps to increase the security of your WordPress installation. An important plugin that can help in ensuring that you are able to detect the security leaks in your WordPress installation is called “WordPress scanner”.