Ensuring that your SEO expert is putting links in the right places

Link building is seen as one of the most rewarding ways of increasing the PageRank of your page and increasing the number of views that your page / site gets. Hence, for the past many years, getting links has been one of the most prominent ways that Search Engine experts would go about their business, […]

Differences between Facebook Fan Page and Groups ? Which is better ?

Well, there is no easy way to determine the right answer for the last question above – “Which is better”. I know that most people detest an answer which starts with “It depends”, but it is true in this case. It depends on what you are trying to promote, what is the level of response […]

Selectively updating your Twits on Facebook – “Selective Tweets”

Using social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter is an important part of how to promote your blog, but one of the challenges is how to ensure that your updates make it to all these tools. There are a variety of tools that are used to update your social networking sites; you can use […]

Don’t misuse Twitter when using it for promotion

Twitter makes a great platform for getting new users to your blog. You can get a number of people to join your blog through a mechanism of following people in a similar line, as well as through writing short succinct Twitter updates (for more ways to use Twitter effectively, be sure to read the following […]