Promoting your photo blog – Unique content helps, but need to put in more effort

How do you promote your photo blog ? Well, everybody will tell you that you need to have content (good, original content that interests your readers), and that is true. There is nothing to beat content. However, just having content is not enough. You need to do additional stuff if you want your blog to […]

Making money through selling your content – www.constant-content.com

Consider the case where you have started blogging very recently, and the money you are making from Adsense or from other similar advertising programs is not very high (Ignore all those ads that say that you can make $4,000 dollars per day from the first week onwards – if people could do that, why would […]

Learn more about Adsense success stories

For people who write blogs, there are various approaches with regard to making money. There are some people who disdain the idea of anything to do with advertising; there are others who believe in their writing, but don’t look away from the prospect of making some money on the side; there are others who fill […]

Making money from photo-blogs – second part

In my previous post, I had talked about some of the concepts around creating a photo-blog, and making money from that (through Ads primarily). This post will talk more on the same subject, and should hopefully help you move further on that line. 1. As part of a post on WordPress optimization, I had mentioned […]