Ensuring that your SEO expert is putting links in the right places

Link building is seen as one of the most rewarding ways of increasing the PageRank of your page and increasing the number of views that your page / site gets. Hence, for the past many years, getting links has been one of the most prominent ways that Search Engine experts would go about their business, […]

Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks – Learn how to increase visibility in Search Engines – Part 25 – The importance and the need of Directory Submission

In the previous post (Need to have fresh content for SEO), we talked about the importance of having fresh content on a regular basis for your blog (and given that I suddenly got very busy, I had to break this rule and not post anything for 9 days). Anyhow, am back to regular posting. This […]

Linking your Facebook Fan Page to your Twitter account

So, you have an account with Facebook (and you know that for effective promotion of your blog, you need a Facebook Fan Page, not just depending on your profile), and your posts even directly get imported to Facebook. Similarly, you have an account on Twitter and your updates are also posted to this Twitter as […]

Detecting plagiarism on your WordPress blog – using the Tracer tool

The previous post talked about using this tool if you have a Blog hosted on Google’s Blogger, but what if you have a WordPress account ? Well, this tool works for blogs running on WordPress, and numerous others (Ning network, Typepad, WebsiteWorks.com). It is fairly easy to add this to your WordPress blog, since WordPress […]