Hostmonster users – How to get an update of server status

Hostmonster (click here to learn more) is a popular hosting service used by individuals to host their blogs and other sites (although I have not heard of too many professional sites with huge number of users using WordPress as a hosting service). I use WordPress for my sites, and it runs fairly well, with easy […]

Stop Plagiarism: Find the name of the hosting provider

Let us consider that you have managed to detect that somebody is copying your content (either by directly taking the content from your blog, or by reading the content from your feed). Now, you need to take steps to get them to stop doing this hosting, or atleast start a discussion with them, so that […]

Optimizing your WordPress account – 2

A few weeks back, I had written about how to take some basic steps towards optimizing your WordPress account. Imagine what would happen if more people started promoting your WordPress Blog, or wonders of wonders, it appears on the front page of Digg or Slashdot. In such cases, unless you have optimized your WordPress configuration […]

Optimizing your WordPress account – 1

In 2 previous posts where I described problems with my WordPress account, the preliminary solutions prescribed were: – Keep your WordPress account updated to the latest release – Keep spam to a minimum, including emptying the Akismet spam folder on a regular basis

These are just temporary solutions, given that WordPress is supposed to be […]