Quick Security Checklist for Webmasters – from the Google Blog

For many people, getting content onto a web page is the most important part of developing traffic and ensuring that you increase the chances of earning revenue. However, consider that you need to ensure that your page remains on the internet, and does not get hacked, something that is happening with a higher frequency nowadays. […]

What to do if your site is hacked and Google penalizes your site

Sites getting hacked is not something that is so rare nowadays. You have a good site that is getting more viewers, but have not kept your site (maybe built in WordPress) totally safe in terms of frequent updates, security patches, and so on, and you find that your site behaves a bit strange. However, once […]

Why your site may not be appearing high in Google Search – some tips from the Google blog

A site needs to appear high in Google Search in order to generate a high number of visitors. In fact, a number of onliness businesses consider visitors from Search Engines (particularly Google) as a significant source of their visitors, and consequently, of the revenue that they will make. Getting your site high on Search Engine […]

Learn about using Google Webmaster Tools from the official Youtube channel

The Google Webmasters is a great resource for learning more about how to optimize your site. Visit this site (link) to learn much more. The Webmasters Tools are an invaluable set of tools that will help you optimize your Google experience, which includes easier indexation of your page and its contents with Google Search. You […]