Using the TwitterCounter to showcase your visitors

Twitter is a pretty powerful social networking tool, that allows users to quickly get updates when you make a post. If you are writing a blog, and have good, rich content, using Twitter is pretty important to gain readers. There are a huge number of readers out there, and if you are writing content that […]

Posting to your Blogger account from iGoogle as well as from Gmail

How to post to your Blogger account from the convenience of your iGoogle account or from your Gmail account. For those people who use their iGoogle account to a large degree, or are dependent on their Gmail accounts, this ability to post directly to their Blogger account can seem fairly useful. Consider the following workflow […]

Protect your Blogger post – Use Tracer to add your own link back to the copied content

It remains difficult to protect your content. You can take measures such as adding a Javascript that will prevent people from being able to right-click, or which will prevent people from being able to select content from your blog, but there are ways around that. Such controls do prevent some people from being able to […]