Not getting hit by Google’s duplicate content penalty

The very question of whether there is a penalty or not is something that continues to be debated. If you are running a website and are not so technically or SEO inclined and have called in a professional, it’s a fair bet that he or she would have mentioned the duplicate content penalty, and in […]

Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks – Learn how to increase visibility in Search Engines – Part 24 – Making sure that you have fresh content on a regular basis

The previous post talked (Understanding the robots.txt file) about learning what the Robots.txt file is, and how you can use it to tweak the way that search engines index your site. This post will move onto one important area that I have talked about briefly in other posts before (having regular content), but it is […]

Cross-domain content duplication

It is pretty well known that content duplication is a problem in terms of search engine penalties. I used to search a lot about whether having the same content on multiple sites was a problem, and there was conflicting information on different sites about whether this is a problem or not. I initially read on […]

Protect your content: Report a spam blog to Google

The Google Search service provides a huge percentage of traffic to most sites, especially those of individuals. The position of a site in the Google search index is a big variable in the success or failure of a site, and the removal of a site from the Google index can reduce a site (especially spam […]