Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks – Learn how to increase visibility in Search Engines – Part 31 – Observing copyright law

Observing copyright law mean not seem relevant to a post on what is good Search Engine Optimization. And you might be thinking that with the need to get fresh content, what is wrong on taking some content from other sources and modifying them slightly in order to get fresh content for your site. However, keep […]

Adding your own copyright to your blog: Use the “Blog Copyright” plugin

Keeping the copyright updated on your blog can be a fairly hectic activity. if you update your copyright manually, then you can easily miss the copyright year updation as the years roll by. Even otherwise, there would be a query that you might have as to why you cannot just have a plugin that automatically […]

Detecting plagiarism on your WordPress blog – using the Tracer tool

The previous post talked about using this tool if you have a Blog hosted on Google’s Blogger, but what if you have a WordPress account ? Well, this tool works for blogs running on WordPress, and numerous others (Ning network, Typepad, WebsiteWorks.com). It is fairly easy to add this to your WordPress blog, since WordPress […]

Protect your Blogger post – Use Tracer to add your own link back to the copied content

It remains difficult to protect your content. You can take measures such as adding a Javascript that will prevent people from being able to right-click, or which will prevent people from being able to select content from your blog, but there are ways around that. Such controls do prevent some people from being able to […]