Use good fresh content or informative comments to increase your blog popularity

When you are a struggling blogger, the temptation is immense to somehow get the top level bloggers to endorse your blog. As a result, what people do is to write to these top level bloggers or put comments in their posts to the effect ‘Can you exchange links with me’, somehow expecting that they will […]

Keep your blog safe – clean your comments of spam and junk comments

What does this mean ? Keeping your blog safe by removing junk comments ? Well, I have yet to find anybody who likes spam comments or junk comments on their blog. These comments could be in the nature of normal sounding comments (except that they will also have a promotion link to a website (and […]

Have a Blogger account: Protect yourself from comment spam

Worpdress is a blogging platform that provides you the ability to extend its functionality through the use of its plugin. So, if you have a WordPress blog and want to fight the plague of comment spam, there are a number of plugins that you can use for this purpose. There is Akismet, Bad Behavior, Spam […]

WordPress Plugin: Using bad behaviour plugin to stop spam

As your blog becomes popular, one problem that seems to cause a lot of concern is comment spam. You must have seen them, comments with long lists of URL’s that advertise items that you would rather do not appear on your blog, or medicines that you are not interested in buying, or other similar comments […]