WordPress: Turning the cache off when making adjustments to your site

If you have a site that is moderately to highly active, then using a cache plugin on your site is highly recommended. The typical processing that happens when a user wants to view a post on a WordPress based site (or most other sites that use a database) (and without getting too technical, trying to […]

Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks – Learn how to increase visibility in Search Engines – Part 6

In the previous post (structure of a post for search engine optimization) I talked about how to structure a post in terms of title, H1, H3 tags, inserting keyword phrases, and so on without doing it in excess. This post will talk about things such as defining permalinks (relevant for all blogs, although my experience […]

Optimizing your WordPress account – 1

In 2 previous posts where I described problems with my WordPress account, the preliminary solutions prescribed were: – Keep your WordPress account updated to the latest release – Keep spam to a minimum, including emptying the Akismet spam folder on a regular basis

These are just temporary solutions, given that WordPress is supposed to be […]