Earning money from Videos on Youtube – not so easy

You must have seen those videos on Youtube, where either the bottom section of the video shows an ad from the Adsense program and you also have Adsense advertisements appearing to the right of the video in a block, similar to the 250X250 ad block. Now consider that you have some cool videos that are […]

Making money from photo-blogs – second part

In my previous post, I had talked about some of the concepts around creating a photo-blog, and making money from that (through Ads primarily). This post will talk more on the same subject, and should hopefully help you move further on that line. 1. As part of a post on WordPress optimization, I had mentioned […]

Making money from photo-blogs – a start

Many of us have some good collections of photos, and they live in obscurity in our computers or in the form of printed albums / collections, just idling there. Photographs are very precious in terms of attracting user attention, as long as you are able to present a good story that keeps the user interest […]

Adding Amazon as an affiliate: Beneficial

If you have a blog that focuses on stuff such as gadgets, books, electronics, movies, music, in fact any stuff that is also sold on Amazon, then you should explore the option of signing onto the Amazon affiliate program. Amazon sells literally anything, and is a trusted site that sells a huge amount of stuff. […]