Not getting hit by Google’s duplicate content penalty

The very question of whether there is a penalty or not is something that continues to be debated. If you are running a website and are not so technically or SEO inclined and have called in a professional, it’s a fair bet that he or she would have mentioned the duplicate content penalty, and in […]

Does having multiple items in a feed defy Adsense terms ?

If you have read about Adsense, you would also have read about how Google ensures the terms and conditions as well as the Program Policies enforced for Adsense. If you contradict those, you can be sure that either Google will ensure those policies themselves, or kick you out of the program. So, for example, Google […]

Running into problems with hosting service – 1

I run a number of WordPress blogs and some other applications, and am hosted on Hostmonster for all these items. A few days back, I ran into a major problem where I found that suddenly my blogs and other photo galleries, etc, all had been replaced with a standard Hostmonster message that the account had […]

Accidental clicks on own Adsense ads – What to do

The Google Adsense Program has made it quite clear over the years that click fraud is something that they will work real hard to prevent. If you think you are being real smart and will make a lot of money by clicking on your ads yourself, or by asking friends and relatives to click on […]