Ensuring your WordPress sites are all updated …

Updated with respect to the various plugins and the themes being used on the site. It may seem something that seems important, but it cannot be emphasized enough about how important this particular procedure is. Very recently I had a friend lose his site (in fact, lose multiple sites) because one of the sites had […]

Zenphoto – doing an update the right way, manually ..

After experimenting with various photo blog kind of interfaces (including the use of Gallery2 and other plugins that work along with WordPress), I finally found something that I liked – namely, Zenphoto, that I have started to use to build a photo site called Tourist Photos (photos from different tourist locations) (primarily to find an […]

Upgrade your WordPress blog frequently to keep it more secure

There are a large number of people who want to start blogging, don’t like using a shared platform such as Blogger, and install a WordPress blog on a shared hosting service. And once installed, they start adding new content, generating more user visits. However, a huge percentage of these people do not upgrade to the […]

Using a plugin to upgrade WordPress automatically

The previous post talked about doing an upgrade of WordPress through a number of steps. I can just hear the moans and groans; this is complicated, can take effort. A lot of people would claim that this is complicated, and would prefer a single solution, if possible, a one click solution. On the other hand, […]