Making a child theme to preserve the changes you have made in the WordPress theme

Rare is the case when people do not make a change to the WordPress themes that they have installed. They may fiddle around with the .css files, changing font sizes / font colors, etc to customize it as per their own preference. So, you have a theme that looks somewhat good, but then you realize […]

WordPress Theme + Plugin: Making your site more iPhone friendly – use WPtouch

The iPhone is a revolution in the mobile market, leading to its becoming the top selling product in the SmartPhone market. There are a huge set of users out there who use the iPhone for navigating to different sites and consequently form a market for your blog. It would be a mistake to ignore all […]

Plugins and Themes compatible with WordPress 2.7

As WordPress comes out with new versions, people who have an installation of WordPress start wondering whether the plugins and themes they are actually compatible with the version to which they are upgrading. If these are not compatible, then the experience which their visitors would get is likely to be non-optimized, and for site owners […]

Plugins and Themes compatible with WordPress v 2.6

Wheneve a new WordPress version comes out, there is always the angst over where the currently used plugins and themes are indeed compatible with the deployed version of WordPress. If the themes and plugins are not compatible, it normally has a bad effect on the blog – the theme or plugin may not work, may […]