Making a child theme to preserve the changes you have made in the WordPress theme

Rare is the case when people do not make a change to the WordPress themes that they have installed. They may fiddle around with the .css files, changing font sizes / font colors, etc to customize it as per their own preference. So, you have a theme that looks somewhat good, but then you realize […]

New free Blogger templates

There are a whole host of people who prefer to write their blogs using Google’s Blogger service. It gives a free hosting capability, allows you to place your own content on the site, gives a number of different widgets, and has numerous other blog-friendly features. The one major problem with using Blogger as a platform […]

14 free Adsense templates – widget-ready

People are always on the lookout for great free WordPress themes, and it is not easy to cut through the clutter and find some good themes. There are sites that offer hundreds of themes of all types (fluid, fixed, 3 column, 2 column, and so on), and from personal experience, I know how hard it […]

Posting Adsense code below post title in Blogger

I had 2 previous posts where referenced articles showed how to place adsense code in different positions between blogger posts, such as below the title; to the right of a post; between posts, and so on. This was done by modifying the HTML characters of the adsense code (escaping them) and placing the code between […]