What is PageRank ?

Page Rank is a term that is quoted whenever people talk about how a site can gain popularity in Google search (and as we know, Google search is one of the top drivers for getting visitors to your web site). Of course, over a period of time, the eminence of Page Rank as a factor […]

Free hosting vs. paid hosting

Consider this; you are just starting to create your own website, a place to host your own content, the place of your dreams. You have thought through all that you want to create, and are ready to go. However, now you are stuck with the logistics of where to create your own website. You would […]

Why do you need a good web host ?

Another subject that is critical for running a great blog. If you have decided that your blog needs to run on its own domain, and not a free site such as blogger.com or wordpress.com, and if you have decided to use WordPress (using WordPress rather than another application such as Movable Type, or using a […]

Promoting your blog – some tips for starters

Now you have a blog up and running. How do you get people to come to your blog (including both regular and non-regular visitors), how do you get search engines to get your blog indexed (and make it come high in their search display so that more visitors can come to your blog through search); […]