WordPress: Turning the cache off when making adjustments to your site

If you have a site that is moderately to highly active, then using a cache plugin on your site is highly recommended. The typical processing that happens when a user wants to view a post on a WordPress based site (or most other sites that use a database) (and without getting too technical, trying to […]

Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks – Learn how to increase visibility in Search Engines – Part 35 – The impact of page speed upon search engine optimization

In the previous post (SEO and inline code / CSS), I talked about the impact of having a large amount of extra stuff in your files, such as scripting code and CSS, and how this can potentially impact your SEO optimization levels and your ranking. In this post, the focus is going to be on […]

Some design guidelines from Webmaster Tools at Google

Making your website easy to use and fast are tips always recommended for ensuring that you site loads quickly and easily for your visitors. Avoiding rich and heavy stuff such as videos (when they are not necessary) is particularly important in this regard; this is also because your visitors may have a variety of different […]

Using Yahoo! YSlow to analyze web pages for performance (and more tips)

Improving the speed of your pages is normally pretty critical. If your pages are slow to load, then people quickly switch over, and even viewers who find the information on your pages useful tend to hesitate to come to your page more often; as for casual viewers, you can be pretty sure that they will […]