Stop Plagiarism: Using JavaScript to prevent your content from being copied

Let me start out right away by stating that I really don’t prefer using a method such as JavaScript to prevent my content from being copied. Why not ? After all, it is a pretty simple way to prevent people from getting at my content and copying it. And it is fairly simple to go […]

Yahoo’s Site Explorer

Google is the most popular search engine right now, and it is the biggest target for folks wanting to get their blogs / sites up on the online net and have more people visit their site. One of the biggest factors for making a site or a blog successful is if you can get your […]

Ad Review Center in Adsense

Adsense recently came out with a Ad Review Center. For a lot of people who are starting out with Adsense, or are not comfortable doing a lot of tweaking of the settings, using more such features such as the Ad Review Center only ends up complicating things. However, the Ad Review Center is actually a […]

Adsense payment information

So you have signed up for an Adsense account, and have got your address verified from the Google Adsense program, and Google can now give you money for your ads. You must be eagerly awaiting your first income from the Google Adsense program, but are not clear as to what you must do in order […]