Finding the correct time for posting

And what does this mean ? Is there such a thing as the correct time for posting ? Well yes, there is one. When I talk about the correct time for posting, it literally means a time when your post is read by the maximum number of people. So, if you post addresses a segment […]

Problems with Feedburner, all subscriber levels down to zero – September 2012

Feedburner is a system that allows blog owners to manage their feeds, both RSS and email. This was an excellent independent service that was free, and then was bought by Google as part of their strategy to have more control over areas where content is involved (similar to what they did when they bought Blogger). […]

Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks – Learn how to increase visibility in Search Engines – Part 18 – How to get links (contd ..)

In the previous post (How to get links for SEO), I outlined some more steps to get good quality incoming links. Some of these may be something that you think that you can do, in other cases, you might be somewhat worried or embarrassed. For example, I know some people who are very embarrassed about […]

Selectively updating your Twits on Facebook – “Selective Tweets”

Using social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter is an important part of how to promote your blog, but one of the challenges is how to ensure that your updates make it to all these tools. There are a variety of tools that are used to update your social networking sites; you can use […]