Google guidelines for moving your content from one domain to another ..

There comes a time when you are moving your content from one site to another (it means that your content was found earlier in site abcd.com, and will now be moved to a site called xyz.com). The reasons for this can be numerous, to state a few: – You may have come to the realization […]

Cross-domain content duplication

It is pretty well known that content duplication is a problem in terms of search engine penalties. I used to search a lot about whether having the same content on multiple sites was a problem, and there was conflicting information on different sites about whether this is a problem or not. I initially read on […]

Support for custom domains from Blogger

Blogger / Blogspot (link) provides a simple interface to creating a blog, and an equally simple interface for editing and publishing your blog. However, at the same time, a lot of people get turned off by the concept of having a name such as xyz.blogspot.com (they typically object to having a .blogspot.com in the URL […]

Putting results from Adsense for Search on your own website

Adsense for Search has a great feature; it allows you to display the search results on your own web site. Suppose you have a web site with great navigation, letting people find things easily. And so when you search, you really don’t want your users to get a page that is the standard Google search […]