Finding the correct time for posting

And what does this mean ? Is there such a thing as the correct time for posting ? Well yes, there is one. When I talk about the correct time for posting, it literally means a time when your post is read by the maximum number of people. So, if you post addresses a segment […]

When to time your latest blog post ?

You are already trying your best to write on a regular basis, and you may have learnt that it makes a lot of difference if you write a post per day. However, it can sometimes be a challenge to just get to meeting this daily basis concept; after all, unless you are dedicated towards your […]

Adsense Channels – Use them to track performance

For people using Adsense to make money, the concept of Adsense through search, through content ads, and link units are easy enough to grasp. There are far fewer people who use channels as a strategy to measure the performance of pages and ad units. Channels are a very useful mechanism that any serious web site […]

Placement targeting & custom channels as part of Adsense

Adsense constantly seeks to innovate and try and devise new measures about how to make sure that the business of both placing ads and generating money from them works well for both publishers and advertisers. Towards this end, the Google Adsense program has in the past let advertisers bid specifically for sites which they feel […]