Finding the correct time for posting

And what does this mean ? Is there such a thing as the correct time for posting ? Well yes, there is one. When I talk about the correct time for posting, it literally means a time when your post is read by the maximum number of people. So, if you post addresses a segment such as the elderly retired generation, you need to typically post at a time in the morning or evening when they are most active (or if you are lucky, where your audience has read it and some of them discuss it – such an occurrence can be pretty rare, but it happen). And this is not just people who read your posts regularly, but also people who have come to your post through a feed or by noticing it on social media (what, your posts do not show up on social media ?? You are losing a way to reach out to lost out to more people, or even for your posts to go viral).
And how do you measure how many people have read your post the maximum number of times ? You need to experiment with posting at different times, and seeing which posts generates the maximum comments. Analytics would also be of great help in determining the number of times your post has been read. If you have registered your blog with Google Webmasters (link to the site), there are a lot of statistics about how many times your blog and posts have been read, both in terms of summary and also being able to evaluate this on a daily / weekly / monthly basis. It will take time and effort to do this sort of analysis, but hey, success does not come cheap. And in this case, the cost is all about the effort you have to undertake, not actual money cost.
Once you find that statistics are telling you something (and you would be surprised that sometimes statistics tell you data and information that is contrary to your held beliefs – for example, you could believe that posts near lunch would be the most read, but in actual fact you could find that posts near office ending time actually generate more views). You need to plan accordingly.
Does it matter if more people read your posts at a certain time another time ? Of course it matters. If you are trying to make money through ads or selling something, the more people who see your post, the more likely it will be that you make money. Further, the chances of people forwarding your post also increases when the number of people who have read your post increases. The chances that somebody contacts you in order to place an advertisement on your site also increases.

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