Focusing on the promotion avenues rather than one-size-fits-all

Like some of the posts that I have made here, this post may also seem like something that just talks about some concepts rather than pointing out specific issues :-), but I would argue that this topic is one that cannot have a standard set of specific points that work for everybody, you have to analyse, work out and define what works for you and then evaluate those solution, and then review, refine over a period of time to see whether they are still working out, and then do this again (seems painful, but in this world of digital marketing, where there is a constant struggle between the marketing providers and those looking to game the system, the parameters and methods keep on changing. You cannot come up with a formula that seems to work, and then continue to believe that the formula will work for you for the next months and years; others would have come up with similar formulas, and then tried to game them to achieve advantages, and the social networks and marketing agencies would have made changes at their end so that the particular formula no longer has the advantages it used to have. If this seems hard and complicated for you, then I would recommend that you get others to do it rather than doing something wrong.
A bit of a speech at the beginning, but I believe that this is at the core of how you need to work out the marketing concepts in a digital world, where the success or failure can depend on how well strategies work out on the social platforms, and sometimes there can no really easy way to determine what the mechanism was which made it is a success. You could be pushing an article, a podcast, an advertisement, a song or video, or anything and trying to figure out what to do to make it a success in the digital world, using social networks and the like. Now, if you do not have the money to splash out on doing a lot of research, or in doing a lot of promotion (basically if you are an individual rather than a corporation), then what I have seen is that people do have a social media strategy; but this strategy essentially just comprises of blasting the article (or whatever) to all the social networks through automated means and hoping that it will pick up. Well, there is a chance that it will get picked up, and you have the starting step correct, but there is a lot more that needs to be done, and these steps do not suddenly come into place the first day that you do this; these are acquired over a period of time where you learn from experience (and also from reading about what others are also doing).
So what are the things you can do ? Well, this would be an incomplete list, but as you start working through, you will learn more about what you need to learn and research, and I am hoping that you will provide your stories in the comments section.
– Figure out what social networks to focus on and optimize. If you are just trying to blast out to various networks, there is a lot of optimization that needs to happen. Consider that you have a travel article on Tasmania in Australia, and your article is just going out on social networks. On its own, you will not have the hashtag of #Tasmania on your Twitter and Facebook page feed, and that is pretty important for others to pick up on your article on social networks. Further, you have images on your article and it goes to Pinterest, then it might make sense to have a board on Pinterest which is targeted to Australia (or even Tasmania, if you are going to have more content on Tasmania coming up).
– Figure out timing of these posts on these social networks. Your post goes to social networks as soon as you publish, but maybe the majority of your readers will see these much later, and some of them would miss it since they tend to see stuff that comes up in front of them rather than trying to dig into their news feed. See whether you can time your posts, or schedule their posting to better work with the timing of the majority of your readers.
– Focus on which social networks you would need to spend more effort on. You made an initial posting, but what stops you from promoting it again in a few days, or everyday, but this takes time and effort and it becomes inefficient to do this for every social network. Make a strategy for which one to spend more time and effort on.

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