Keeping up with your services and adjusting accordingly

It would seem like many of the posts that I am doing talk about normal day to day stuff, stuff that you would consider as something that you would normally do. And yet, you would be wrong. It is so easy to ignore what is going on in the various services that you use, until […]

Social media promotion – staying focused on the effort

Social media is a platform that is somewhat different from the traditional marketing ways; it is different and yet similar. And if the above statement sounds so common and confusing, I will hopefully provide some explanation in the next few paras where the above statement will become clearer. Social media is another form of marketing, […]

Focusing on the promotion avenues rather than one-size-fits-all

Like some of the posts that I have made here, this post may also seem like something that just talks about some concepts rather than pointing out specific issues :-), but I would argue that this topic is one that cannot have a standard set of specific points that work for everybody, you have to […]

Social networks and need for optimization

Over the past many years, it has become clear that the field of Search Engine Optimization has changed. The concept of keywords, keyword stuffing, links, paid links, link farms and so on has totally changed, to the extent that somebody who wants to use previous concepts would find their actions delivering negative results than positive […]