What to do when your Google Adsense check gets lost

This can happen once in a while. You slaved away on your blog, put in a lot of fresh content, slowly nursed the increasing number of visitors to your blog, did some optimization on your blog for Search Engine Optimization, and put in the code for Google Adsense, and slowly watched your earnings increase. Eventually you quality to receive Adsense payments and start getting the money. Depending on where you live, you can get payments by EFT (wire transfer to a bank account), or in other countries, you can receive the payment by check. Given that receiving payments by check means that you need to do additional tasks of receiving the check, and ensuring that the check is deposited into the account, there is a greater possibility that the check may not get deposited into the account. The check could get lost in your hands, or could never have been delivered to you, or spoiled in some way (coffee / tea dropped on the check, torn, or numerous other such problems), or other such problems. In such cases, you have a problem, and are wondering in the extreme case whether these payments are now lost to you. Well, this must happen enough for Google to have a set of help articles dealing with these issues, and to assure you that your payment is not lost.
Here goes:
1. If you have the facility for EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), why not do that ? EFT facilities are available in a list of countries as detailed on this Help page: Receiving payments by EFT.
2. If this is the first time that you need to receive your payment (whether check or EFT) and are wondering about your payment not having been received, you should read this page in its entirety: Receiving your first Adsense payment
Payment arrives: The time it takes for your payment to arrive depends on payment method you’ve selected.

Standard delivery checks: generally arrive within 1-2 weeks of the mailing date in the U.S.; outside of the U.S. typically arrive in 2-6 weeks.
Secure delivery checks: generally arrive in 5-7 days.
EFT payments: should arrive in your bank account within 4-10 days.
Western Union Quick Cash payments: available for pick-up at a local agent the day after they are issued.
Rapida payments: available for pickup at your local post branch two business days after they are sent.
If there are any problems with your payment, a notice will be posted on your Payments page. If you haven’t received your payment 60 days after it was issued, you can request a reissue.
3. Now, for your check, if you have somehow lost it or it got damaged in some way, or you did not deposit it in time, then the process to follow it is on Google’s Help pages: Lost your Adsense Check.

If you do not deposit your check within 12 months after it was issued, your earnings will be credited back to your account and your payments will be put on hold.

After this you’ll need to visit your Payments page, click the ‘Please contact AdSense Support’ link, and let us know why you weren’t able to receive the payment. We’ll then release the hold, allowing you to receive the next payment.

This happened to me. But the solution was as described above, and it worked well.

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