Constant battle between Google Search updates and SEO efforts ..

For the past many years, I have been working with some Search Engine Optimization experts for several blogs that I run. Not all the blogs have had experts working on them, so there is a mix of blogs, some of them having had Search Engine Optimization effort, and others without any expert effort being put on them. What remained constant for them irrespective of the SEO effort was the frequency of new content, which was typically one post per day. Over a period of time, as expected, the blogs that had Search Engine Effort moved ahead in terms of the number of visitors that came in, and since those blogs were also monetized with Adsense, there was more money that came in. Sounds like a good deal, and which promotes the idea of having Search Engine Optimization done on your blog.
Now let’s look at the contra side. The stated mission of Google Search over the years has been to ensure that people cannot game the search, and the whole concept of optimizing blogs and sites using Search Engine Optimization techniques is against their entire principle. Hence, SEO is an ongoing battle where Google keeps on updating their search engine ranking logic and experts keep on updating their techniques (as a side note, this also means that you need to ensure that your SEO experts remain updated with the latest tips and techniques and I have had experience with such experts who do not remain updated). The focus of Google remains that any techniques that improves the ranking of a blog should not matter, it would be the amount of fresh and quality content available on a site that should matter.
So, on my blogs, the interesting discovery I have is that everytime a new Google Search Engine ranking algorithm came along, the sites that has SEO effort gone in suddenly saw a drop in visitors that was far harsher than the impact on blogs that had the same amount of content, but did not have any SEO content. This now has convinced me enough that I dropped the experts who I was using (also because they were not able to convince me of their skill in these changing times).
The focus now is on ensuring that my blogs continue to have regular (for many of them, daily fresh content) content that is useful to people; at the same time ensure continued promotion of the blog through social networking sites and other such techniques that seem natural (even the use of directories is now getting frowned upon by Google if these are directories meant for gaming the search engine). This is a slightly tougher path than using SEO experts, but in the long run, I believe that having unique and lots of content is what will count.

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