Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks – Learn how to increase visibility in Search Engines – Part 25 – The importance and the need of Directory Submission

In the previous post (Need to have fresh content for SEO), we talked about the importance of having fresh content on a regular basis for your blog (and given that I suddenly got very busy, I had to break this rule and not post anything for 9 days). Anyhow, am back to regular posting.
This post and the next one will talk about Directory Submission, and its relevance to Search Engine Optimization. In previous posts, we have talked about getting inbound quality posts to your site making a huge difference to SEO. One way to do that used to be to buy links or go for link trading or go for link farms, but these sort of inbound links that are obviously not relevant / natural links are getting frowned up by search engines (although many people still believe by those concepts).
In such cases, one example of inbound links that are relevant and still relied upon by search engines are the public directories. These are lists of links categorized by the type of sites; so for example, if you have a site about software, a directory would list down the names and URL’s of sites (along with a brief description) that talk about software in its software section. It is these directories that over a period of time start developing Page Rank for these categories, and if you have your site listed in these categories, then it is very beneficial for your site. These directories in fact exist so that they can provide a number of relevant links to users, and in most cases welcome your efforts to add your site to their (as long as you have a valid and effective site) categories. And some directories are much more important than other directories. For example, DMOZ is a site that is used by many of the popular search engines as well, and getting your site in their is pretty useful. Another example is where this is this directory created by Guy Kawaski called alltop.com. Alltop.com has a Page Rank of 6, but its individual sub-categories also have a good PR. The Photography category, listed at http://photography.alltop.com/, has a PR of 5, and I have 3 of my blogs over there (‘5 Photo Tips‘, ‘Ashishs Photos‘, and ‘A lot of Photos, no touching up‘). Getting sites listed gets some good link love back to my sites, all the more so because these have been added after editing by a human editor, which makes the search engines depend on these directories even more so.
And there are many directories that are referred by other directories as well, so adding your sites to these directories will give you a lot of SEO benefits (and most of these links from the directories do not use the ‘nofollow’ tag which would prevent you from getting some of the link love).
One more advantage for getting listed in directories is if your sites have a lot of rich media content that search engines are not able to properly index and hence you do not get a benefit from search engines. However, when directories start listing your site, then you do end up with an advantage.
I will continue with this topic in the next post as well, since there is a lot to write about in this topic ..

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