Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks – Learn how to increase visibility in Search Engines – Part 20 – How to get links (contd ..)

It’s been a few days since I was able to post the previous tip (How to build links) in the series, and in the meantime, I was approached by a regular reader as to what was the problem. I had gotten caught up in something (mixing up of 2 different businesses), but realized that I need to be regular in these posts (they also help me in terms of being a refresh of tips and techniques). So, here goes the latest post:
– Look for links from Government sites or other semi-official institutions such as Universities. Those are highly respected sites in terms of search engine rankings, and if you are able to get some link love from there, then it can work real good for you. One way of getting links from these places is through writing research reports, or writing articles on subjects that people post as references. For educational sites, search for user forums
– Use article directories such as http://ezinearticles.com/ to post your articles too. You can find a good collection of such article sites on the internet where you can post your articles, and this will help you in getting some good links to your site
– Search for sites that syndicate news or articles, and become a regular writer to these sites. Many of them allow you to post information about your site; this helps in getting more link love
– Make sure that your Submit your site to many directories such as DMOZ, Alltop.com, etc. Some of these directories are very highly regarded by search engines. There are a huge number of directories out there, you need to search for the more highly regarded sites and post to them. There are tools that allow you to post to a number of directories, evaluate them, and use them if necessary.
– Use sites such as Del.icio.us for bookmarking your posts and Digg / Stumble It for posting your posts, so that there is a higher chance of people picking up these posts and linking to them
– Use Yahoo Answers – search for questions and try to give the best possible answers for queries in your area. People will slowly pick out the better answer as the best answer, and that should help you
– Search for business directories (including Yahoo directory) and try to get your site listed over there
– Write on forums related to your area with quality content, and post your site as your signature. Good answers on forum get picked up fast, including by search engines
– If you are writing about gadgets, or other stuff on Amazon.cm, then write reviews for these items and post links to your site / specific posts in them
– Don’t get scared with all the talk about link-swapping. If you avoid the large link farms, and instead focus on other blogs / sites that are small and focused, it can help in terms of getting some good incoming links.

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