Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks – Learn how to increase visibility in Search Engines – Part 19 – How to get links (contd ..)

For the last couple of posts, I have been concentrating on strategies and processes on how to get more incoming links (build links for SEO), and it is worth a few posts to consider the possible strategies and techniques required to focus on getting more incoming links. Links are one of the most significant ways to get a higher search engine ranking. Here are some more techniques to move ahead on this:
– As part of link building strategies, there is not much focus on having internal link build strategies, you know, where you link to pages within your own site. However, research indicates that having a effective link strategy to your own pages helps in link love, and ensures that pages improve slightly in terms of ranking; this would mean that you would need to ensure that you can reach most pages in your site within a couple of links rather than having complicated linking strategies. This also means that if you have a cool JavaScript based internal page structure, you are worse off. In simple terms, the navigation system of a site should be easy and simple.
– Even if you do get links from external sites, it is becomes useful when such sites are recognized as valid sites in terms of linking; so such sites must seem like natural sites which are somewhat similar to what you are doing rather than unrelated sites that are obviously more of linking sites. Focusing on sites which are more of the former rather than obvious linking farm types of sites is much more useful
– There is nothing wrong in linking to sites that seem relevant to you and the subject that you are talking about. If you do link to external sites that are relevant, then it gives an indication of the validity of your site to search engines. In addition, when you link out unsolicited, and other webmasters see you linking to them, there is a high chance that they will link back to you. Hoarding your links does not earn you any benefits, neither does only trading links.
– Check out your the number of links that your competitor has, and then search for the higher value ranked site that links to your competitor (or if you don’t refer to other sites as competitors, consider other sites that offer content similar to yours) and start focusing on those sites to get links from.
– Keep in mind that link building process is a slow and gradual effort, and can take to achieve results. There is a temptation to try and take short cuts to get there faster, which means also using techniques that can cause problems, or to depend on consultants that can get you in problem with the major search engines.

Here is a Youtube video on Link building:

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