Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks – Learn how to increase visibility in Search Engines – Part 18 – How to get links (contd ..)

In the previous post (How to get links for SEO), I outlined some more steps to get good quality incoming links. Some of these may be something that you think that you can do, in other cases, you might be somewhat worried or embarrassed. For example, I know some people who are very embarrassed about the thought of writing lots of emails to other webmasters requesting for a link; for such people, it is important to keep in mind that getting links is one form of promotion and is also a marketing strategy. For any sort of marketing, even the most effective ones, people need to learn how to promote their own blogs and be not in the least bit afraid of doing useful steps if that means that promotion of their blogs happen.
– Look to find some experts in the field that you are writing about, and if you can get interviews or an explanation of their techniques, you will find more people linking back to your site. This may require some amount of persistence in getting these interviews or comments, but the result will be worth it.
– Court controversy. This is a controversial tip, and is more relevant if you are writing about some sort of news, reviews, or something where opinions can be strong. If you take strong views on a particular subject, especially if you are going against the majority opinion, then you will find a lot of people linking to you, even if these referred posts are critical of your viewpoint.
– Get in depth about the topics you write about. This is back to the viewpoint about writing posts that has a rich content, but this can be repeated again and again; if you do a lot of research about the topics you are writing about and come up with content that ir rich, you will find a number of people linking to you even without your needing to do anything about it. In fact, if you have a series of well written posts, then many people will start referring to you as a guru.
– Being quick on the take. This sort of tip is more useful for people who write about news related stuff. How many times have you seen blogs being referred to when a blog makes a scoop of some information that has not yet made it to the popular news – no need to answer, this happens many time. Conversely, If you write about a subject that has already been beaten to death, then you will not find many people even interested in this post, forget linking to your post.
– Encourage people to link to your post. In many cases, a large percentage of the people who think about linking to your posts don’t follow through for any reason (could be laziness, could be putting off the linking, and so on). What you need to do is to encourage people to link to your posts by proving a section at the end of the post (something like, if you like this post, why not link to this post -and create a small box where you provide the code to do this linking)
– Use Twitter and give an option to readers to re-tweet your posts. Once this happens, when people happen upon your posts, many of them will actually try to re-tweet your posts (when I say many of them, even 5% doing so is a good percentage); this in turn makes your post accessible to more people and increases the percentage of people who will link to your post.

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