Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks – Learn how to increase visibility in Search Engines – Part 16 – How to get links

In the previous post (Avoid paid links), I explained how paid links can cause problems to you, in terms of search engines not liking the concept of paid links, and penalizing you if they detect your buying or selling links.
In this post, I will write about some ways of generating links that do not offend the search engines, and give you the required boost in search engine rankings without getting you in trouble with the search engines. These are a combination of organic and inorganic methods (to explain, some of these happen on their own, while for the others, you have to take an extra effort).
– Write good content. If you write content that is unique and interesting, people will link to you on their own. It sounds very simple to say this, but a lot of good links that a site generates is because of rich content that other people like linking to. This sort of linking is very valuable
– Create content that people like to link to. As an example, when people look for a way to ensure tight security for their sites, a site that presents content in the form of a checklist or similar works a lot. So, if you create a post with the title as “10 steps to increase security for your site” and have good easy to read and useful content, a lot of people will link to such content
– Create resource sites of links; for example, if you are interested in photoshop tutorials, it is very useful to search for the best such tutorial sites and link to them with a structure such as “Best Photoshop tutorials”. Inform the owners of such sites that you have done so, and many of them might feel gratified enough to link back to you
– There is a lot of balyhoo about comments being useful. However, comments directly do not get you any PageRank since most commenting software is now configured to prevent any PageRank from passing through. However, when you post a comment that is useful, adds value, and is otherwise interesting, a fraction of people will come to your site, and some of them may add links.
– Using link farms and link exchanges is not a very feasible option nowadays, since search engines have learnt to ignore such inputs now, and in some cases, these turn out to cause more harm than good
– Search for article sites, some of which are pretty high PageRank sites. Consider for example, a site such as BlogCritics (link), where users can post articles and where you are allowed to post your own link (to your own site). This site is a PageRank of 7, and you get pretty useful PageRank. There are many other article syndication sites, which allow you to post your own articles and earn some useful links.
– Ask people for links, while many of them will refuse, others will indeed link to you. Ask politely, already have a reciprocal link on your site (even though they may be a competitive site) and provide them a readily formatted link that they can just copy and paste. Even if this works for only a fraction of the sites to whom your write, it can give you a nice supply of links that add to the ranking of your site.

This post will be continued with more information and techniques …

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