Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks – Learn how to increase visibility in Search Engines – Part 13 – Steps to avoid for SEO

In the previous post (where to put keywords in the post), I wrote about where keywords need to be included in the post, including the title, the headings, near images, and so on.
In this post, let us take a negative point. Sometimes people go overboard in trying to influence their search engine rankings, and end up making changes that have a negative effect. As I have said earlier, search engines look for posts that are relevant to their users, and if there is a page that has characteristics such as over-stuffed with keywords or keywords phrases, then these are really not liked by search engines and they can even penalize such sites by reducing their position in the rankings. In extreme cases, search engines can even remove such sites from their index altogether, and such a situation can be a death knell for a site in terms of the number of visitors that come to a site.
There are also sites that resort to techniques known as ‘black hat’ techniques for SEO optimization; consider that search engines also have skilled people dedicated to learning about techniques that people use to try to game the search engine, and when these cross a certain line, the search engines start reacting. Some of the techniques that can cause an adverse reaction from search engines are:
– Keyword stuffing. In previous posts, I have emphasized the fact that keywords should be used in the content to between 5-7%, not more. Beyond this, the text becomes unwieldy, and search engines react negatively. Write your text in a way that it makes sense to your readers, making sure that keywords are there in the content
– Duplicate content. Duplicate content, especially when search engines are able to determine that the content is duplicate and meant to try to increase occurrences in the search engine results, can result in the search engines lowering the ranking
– Sites that link to you can increase your chances of getting higher in search results, especially in the cases when the site ranking to you is highly ranked; however, if your site seems to be linked from link farms, or from sites that charge for linking, or other such unnatural linking, then this can count negatively against you. Of course, you cannot stop a site from linking to you, but search engines such as Google have addresses of link farms and other commercial linking networks, and your site appearing on them is not a positive sign
– Using techniques such as leading search engines to one page optimized for them, and normal users to other pages is not recommended at all, and can again cause problems to your site
– Using text in the same color as background, repeating keywords at the bottom of the post, and other similar techniques may have worked a long time back, but now serve to have a negative reaction

If you use an external consultant to provide you SEO services, then remember, it is your site that is getting evaluated by the search engines, so make sure that you have some knowledge of search engine optimization techniques, learn about what your SEO expert will do, and ensure that they do not use Black Hat techniques.

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