Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks – Learn how to increase visibility in Search Engines – Part 10 – Evaluating and finding keywords

The previous post (Identify more Keywords) talked about how to identify the relevant keyword phrases for your site, including using some tools to identify alternate keywords.
This post will have more information on the topic of finding relevant keywords, and deciding the keywords to use. Consider the alternate keyword phrases to be synonyms, since it is true that not every user will use the same keyword while doing search, and it is very effective for your site if you are also able to rank high on synonyms. So, continuing with the camera example from earlier posts, you would like to have rankings for keywords such as ‘buy cameras’, ‘digital cameras’, but would you also consider some other keyword phrases such as ‘purchase camera’, ‘buy old camera’, ‘compact camera’, etc. These are all slightly different versions of the same keyword, and show up when you use tools to find alternate keywords.
In some cases, you should even consider using keywords that are a bit niche, in the sense that they are not searched for by a large number of users; the disadvantage is that a lesser number of people search for those, and the advantage is that your competitors will not be attacking those keywords with so much passion as they would be for ranking the more searched keywords. Having some keywords that are niche does not harm you in any way, since even with a lesser number of searchers, you can still get enough visitors to make it work your while. In fact, if a user searches for a specific keyword, it is more likely that he is actually interested and will click through to maybe even click on an ad or purchase something from your site.
What else helps you in determining which keywords to use ? Well, if you are running some sort of advertisements (such as Adsense by Google) on your page, then it is likely that you will be interested in knowing whether different keywords can result in different revenues for your ad clicks. And you should not be surprised by what your discover – different keyword do in fact have different rates assigned to them, and since you are in the business of making money, if by small changes in the keywords, you can earn substantially more money from your ad clicks, why not learn more about this ? If you use the Google Adwords tool (located at this link), you can enter your desired keywords, and then in the place where it says “Choose Columns to Display”, select ‘Estimated Average CPC’, and you will start to see which keywords are rated higher.

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