Why your site may not be appearing high in Google Search – some tips from the Google blog

A site needs to appear high in Google Search in order to generate a high number of visitors. In fact, a number of onliness businesses consider visitors from Search Engines (particularly Google) as a significant source of their visitors, and consequently, of the revenue that they will make. Getting your site high on Search Engine Ranking is a big quest, and needs considerable work and effort. Paying some expert on Search Engine Optimization is something that you should really consider on priority, and at the same time, also try to figure out whether you will benefit by reading any of the guidelines on this Google Help page (link to article). This site talks about problems that the Google crawler may be having with your site:

Is your server treating Googlebot like a normal visitor?
Does your website have systematically broken links somewhere?
Is your website redirecting some users elsewhere?
Is your server unreachable when we try to crawl?
Has your website been hacked?

For example, if your website has been hacked, then the recommendation is to make sure that you clean your site, and plenty more information. You also learn some tips about how to detect if your site has indeed been hacked, and this can greatly help if you this is indeed the case.

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