What to do if your site is hacked and Google penalizes your site

Sites getting hacked is not something that is so rare nowadays. You have a good site that is getting more viewers, but have not kept your site (maybe built in WordPress) totally safe in terms of frequent updates, security patches, and so on, and you find that your site behaves a bit strange. However, once this happens, a lot of bad karma happens to your site
– It could have bad software loaded that infects viewers computers, and now browsers are quick to catch that and warn users, and there go your page views down to 0
– You have some small changes in the page that are not fully visible, but these are picked up by the Google crawler (some porn words, or links) and these in turn reduce your Adsense earnings and reduce your site viewers; in addition, some sites may flag your page as ‘adult’, thus ensuring that your viewers go down
What do you do in these cases ? Well, Google (and other search engines) would have a list of things you can do after something like this has happened. In the case of Google, here is the relevant page (link to article)

1. Getting your site off-line:
Take your site off-line temporarily, at least until you know you’ve fixed things.
If you can’t take it off-line, return a 503 status code to prevent it from being crawled.
In the Webmaster Tools, use the URL removal tool to remove any hacked pages or URLs from search results that may have been added. This will prevent the hacked pages from being served to users
2. Damage Assessment
3. Recovery
4. Restoring your online presence

Read the full article if you are in the position of having had your blog hacked.

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