Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks – Learn how to increase visibility in Search Engines – Part 8

In the previous article (Optimizing images for SEO), I talked about how to ensure that you are getting the required boost from your images as part of Search Engine Optimization.
This post will start talking at a preliminary level, since we are going to start talking about an important part of the overall SEO gameplan; I will start explaining today about what keywords are, and how they are important for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization. Learning about keywords as a part of SEO is extremely important if you want to boost your blogs rankings in the top search engines, and you need the higher ranking to drive more traffic to your site, which in turn should generate more revenue to you. If you have done any kind of website optimization, talked to a SEO consultant, or read articles on this, all of them will jump out and shout ‘keyword’ to you.
So, what are keywords / key phrases ? Keywords or phrases are those single words or word phrases that are contained in your page, in the content, and that help in driving search engines to your site. They are supposed to represent what users typically search for, and if you are ranked highly by search engines for those tags, then there is a much better chance that when users search for those phrases, they will find your site. So, for example, if you have a site on selling cameras, then you would really want your site to be ranked high when users search for ‘digital camera’, ‘low priced camera’, ‘camera’, ‘SLR’, ‘Canon camera’ and so on. If you are ranked high, then more visitors, and hence more money.
Earlier, people would use a meta-tag (a tag in the header portion of the HTML page) to add such keywords, but because of people trying to exploit the system by adding irrelevant information in the meta-tags or by stuffing the meta-tags, it is believed that search engines have learned to ignore meta-tags (and in the worst case, penalize any site that tries such tactics); what they believe is that if such tags are included in the text of the contents of the page, then they are counted. So why do people not make pages entire in this format “canon digital camera low price SLR camera flash digital”, and so on. After all, this content adds a lot more keywords. Well, such a text would quickly turn off readers, and now search engines have got smarter, and they expect that such keywords will only form a small percentage of the overall text, else the text would not be proper content. Further, each search engine tends to have its own algorithm of what to use and what not to use.
As a starter (and future posts will provide more advanced technologies related to finding keywords which are of higher value, or used more), start to visualize as to which are the keywords that you would use were you searching like your customers, ask other people around you, look at forums, and then you will get an idea as to which are the keywords that you need in your content.
Next post looks at this topic in more detail ..

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