Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks – Learn how to increase visibility in Search Engines – Part 4

In the previous post (Content is king for blogging), I had talked about various tips for using content to increase your search engine rankings. In this post, I will talk more about how having duplicate content on your blog (copying content from another blog) can lead to penalties for your blog, and what are the steps you should do to ensure that you don’t suffer from penalties.
– First of all, if you are writing content that is not duplicate, many of your readers who would have wanted to get some quality information (and who would have already read similar information on other sites will quickly skip over and may not come back if they see this happening on a regular basis)
– Search engines also want to ensure that their users do not get the same type of content in their search results, and hence will penalize sites which have content that are duplicate of each other. Search engines have complicated algorithms that are able to distinguish as to which blog was the original content creator, and which blogs have copied the content.
Read more about it at this blog (duplicate content penalty)

If your content was copied from another source, the search engines will not list those pages or give you any credit for that content since it was indexed already from another site. Does this mean it is alright to do and I will not get a penalty? No it is not, consider it a self imposed penalty on your own real estate website as those pages will never be indexed, thus a waste of your time and a waste of page space on your website.

– There are many cases where you want to syndicate your content to other sites. For example, you would certainly want to write an article on other sites that are highly ranked to get some incoming link credit (will explain this technique later), but how do you avoid a duplicate content penalty by having this same article on your site as well. There are 2 ways of doing this – You can either send a shorter version of your content for syndication, or you can create 2 different versions for syndication and for your own blog. This will help you to avoid the duplicate content penalty
– If you do have duplicate content on your site, then it is very much possible that aggrieved content owners who had the original content on their sites come after you. They can issue you cease and desist letters, or can actually file cases against you with your service providers or hosting companies. So, in addition to search engines ignoring this content, you can actually get into hassles with this content.
– However, you are not prohibited from quoting other blogs if you appreciate the blog or want to post a critique of the blog. You would need to post a link to the blog post which you are referring, and can post a small section of the post length while either praising or criticizing the post. You should make sure that you are not copying the central idea of the post, or posting huge chunks of the post.

As usual, you will hear more in the next post about content, SEO and related stuff.

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