Quick Security Checklist for Webmasters – from the Google Blog

For many people, getting content onto a web page is the most important part of developing traffic and ensuring that you increase the chances of earning revenue. However, consider that you need to ensure that your page remains on the internet, and does not get hacked, something that is happening with a higher frequency nowadays. But what can do you ? Well, you can find out more, learn about the steps you can take to increase the security level of your site, and you can read the information at this Google Help Page (link to article)

Check your server configuration.
Stay up-to-date with the latest software updates and patches.
Regularly keep an eye on your log files.
Check your site for common vulnerabilities.
Be wary of third-party content providers.
Try a Google site: search to see what’s indexed.
Use Google’s Webmaster Tools.
Use secure protocols.

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