Get others to look at what you are doing

Seems like a very cryptic topic, so let me explain. This topic refers to the concept that even though you are very sure of what you are setting out to do, you should get some second opinions. Let me explain with an example from my own experience in writing blog articles. I started out with writing articles and posting photos, and was very confident about what I am doing. Isn’t that true for most of us ?
However, it took some time to figure out that my posts were not sticky, people were not frequent visitors, and even though I would get users from search engines, the comments and some statistics did not show frequent readers, and I was not able to build up a RSS based set of readers. So, what happened ?
Well, I swallowed my pride, and asked a few close friends to review what I used to write and post; and boy, were their comments a revelation. It turned out that my style of writing earlier, even though with good grammar, was coming out as too formal and not able to draw in readers to remain attracted, and as for photos, the photos that I posted would often enough tend to not have a warmness in them. It was an experience that people were either attracted to incredible nature scenes (and I did not have too many of those), or those photos with people in them.
Why this example ? Well, the basic lesson is that a person should always look to get feedback from people (includes friends and family), solicit it from people, put a section on your site where you can collect feedback from users about how they feel your site could be improved. Once you start to get feedback, acknowledge this feedback, thank them. You automatically start to get people feel a bit better about your site. Always be looking out for opinions other than yours, and if necessary, bend your own opinion.

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