Benefits of creating a Facebook Group for your blog / site promotion

It has always been said that if you want to promote a blog or site on Facebook, then you should create a Facebook Fan Page (read these posts on how to optimize using Facebook – article1, article2), however, also consider the advantages that a Facebook Group can bring to your efforts. Here are some important points about a Facebook Group:
1. A group is a very good way to promote your blog / site, since you can add your blog name, logo, and interests in the design of the Facebook Group. Further, you can even add information about what your blog is all about, what are its unique points, and so on.
2. There are a huge number of users on Facebpook, and many of them spend enough time on Facebook that promoting your interests on Facebook is of critical importance to your blog promotion
3. You can actually use other Facebook Groups to get a lot more information on your chosen subject, as well as find out how successful groups get more users. Find other groups on the same subject, join them, and learn about the discussions and promotion tactics that happen on these groups; and learn from them.
4. A Facebook Group slightly reduces the concept of this being a marketing strategy, since it seems to make this a discussion forum. As a result, members are more likely to get interested in topics of discussion, and even though a large number of the posts will not have much interest in visiting your site, you will still get more visitors, and more people who are your readers in some way.
5. Updates are automatically sent to the Group members, ensuring a wide degree of proliferation of the content, and ensuring that new content added to the Group gets a wide dispersal as more members get added
6. There are some very successful Facebook Groups that have a large number of users and which have done incredibly well to promote their interests, with some incremental benefits to the image of the creator (and the associated site)
7. You can have a lot of analytics to measure the performance of your Group, what makes it successful, what makes it a failure, and so on. This analysis helps you make the required decisions and further steps needed.
8. Facebook Groups get added to the Search from within Facebook, and a larger number of people can find your group as the group becomes more active, this enabling even more users to find the Group and so on.
9. You can search for people on Facebook who have similar interests, and invite them to your Group. A large number of them will refuse, but there will be many who are interested, and will view your site, and if interested, will join.
10. If you get an active set of people in your Group, and they are able to associate with your site / blog, then that is a level of viral marketing that people pay huge amounts of money to get, and the benefits you get through this are incredible.

Find out some details of creating / maintenance in the Facebook Group Help at this page (link).

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