Using the TwitterCounter to showcase your visitors

Twitter is a pretty powerful social networking tool, that allows users to quickly get updates when you make a post. If you are writing a blog, and have good, rich content, using Twitter is pretty important to gain readers. There are a huge number of readers out there, and if you are writing content that is rich, and useful to readers, then there is no reason why you cannot increase the number of Twitter readers you have out there. As recently as the controversial election in Iran from several months back, Twitter was one of the tools that was used to spread awareness and communicate information between users.
There are numerous tools that allow you to quickly post your updates to Twitter whenever you post to your blog, and the one I use is called “TwitterFeed“. However, this post is not about how to post your updates to your Twitter account, instead it is more about show-casing your Twitter followers on your account. Suppose you have readers who are following your posts on Twitter, would it not make sense to showcase these followers on your blog itself. If you have a number of Twitter followers, it increases the chances that more people would consider your tweets worthy of following and add themselves on as subscribers. Further, the widget + site also provide statistics such as the number of followers over a period of time, the number of tweets your followers have made, and so on.
How can you do this ? Well, there is a site called Twittercounter that provides a widget that allows you to do this. How do you do this ?
1. Go to the following site (link)
2. Click on the “Generate your widget code” tab on the site
3. Add the details such as your twitter name, the size and color of the counter you want, the width, and so on.
4. You will be able to see a preview, and code will be generated that you need to add in your site.
This will provide you a widget that will show you the followers to your Twitter account.
Why not try it – you will see an increase in the number of Twitter followers.

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