Using Photos in your blog posts

I believe I have mentioned this in past blog posts, but more in the nature of a tip rather than an actual focused post. For some time now, I have been reviewing the sources of page visits on the Gadgets blog that I maintain, called Ultra Cool Gadgets (link). Sitemeter provides a simple set of statistics for how the users come to the blog, and if you look at the following Sitemeter site (link), you will get an idea of where a large section of users come to my site from.
Surprisingly, a number of users to my site come from URL’s starting with http://images.google.com …; these are people coming from Google’s Image search. How do I manage to get people to come to my site from searching for images ? This was not intentional when I started, but I had made it a point to ensure that with every gadget that I posted, I also posted an image. But it was not just an image, I also made sure that I did the following:
1. Made sure that the image contained an alt description. Most tools that allow you to upload an image to your Blogger blog do not provide a default to add the alt tag (although I believe posting the URL for an image in WordPress gives you an option for entering the description of the image). You need to modify the code for the image to ensure that the alt keyword has a description added to it.
2. This tip is slightly lower in importance from the previous tip, but try and make sure that the name of the image is also relevant. This is also starting to matter in terms of the discoverability of your images via Google Image search.
Once you follow these simple rules and ensure that images are posted along with the blog post, you increase the chances of making your images being found by more people, leading to a higher traffic for your blog. However, do not stuff images that are not relevant, and do not add description in the alt tag that is false, since that might lead to your images getting a penalty associated with them.
Over a period of time, Google automatically finds these images and adds them to its Images search database.

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