Linking your Facebook Fan Page to your Twitter account

So, you have an account with Facebook (and you know that for effective promotion of your blog, you need a Facebook Fan Page, not just depending on your profile), and your posts even directly get imported to Facebook. Similarly, you have an account on Twitter and your updates are also posted to this Twitter as tweets for your followers to read. You could even use the same tool to post to both social networking tools, or you could use different tools (I use Twitterfeed to post to Twitter, and use Networked Blogs to post to my Facebook Fan Page; because I could not work out how to post to the Facebook Fan Page using Twitterfeed)
So, why do you need to directly connect Facebook and Twitter ? Well, consider that you have an active Facebook Fan Page with enough fans that they post tips, comments and useful content. This is actual content that your users would like and would read, and by just keeping it there on the Fan Page, you are restricting your Twitter followers from getting this content; and if you get this content on Twitter, it increases the chances of more people hitting your blog.
So, how do you associate your Facebook Fan Page and your Twitter account ? Well, first you need to login into your account, and then visit the following page (http://www.facebook.com/twitter/), and then click on the button that says “Link a page to Twitter”. The next page will show you all the Fan Pages that you own, and then you can map any of them to the desired Twitter account by clicking on the “Link to Twitter” button. You will need to agree to the next set of security warnings and login into your Twitter account. You can select what type of content you want to update and you are all set.

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