How to schedule a blog post in Blogger for the future

Strange topic, right ? Your normal workflow would be that you get into your Blogger account, write the stuff / post the photo, and then publish the post. In some circumstances, when you cannot complete the post as of that time, you would save the post in draft mode, to be taken up later when the time is more convenient. But can you consider the option where you publish the post, not for the current time, but for a future time.
There are reasons why you would want to publish the post for a later time, such as :
1. You are going somewhere on holiday, and want to ensure that in the time period that you are away, your readers still get a regular supply of your posts. This is important for retaining your readership, important for ensuring that you remain high on Google search, and to ensure that you don’t have any holes in your publishing calendar (especially when you are publishing on a daily basis).
2. This is also applicable for the case when you are in the mood, and have written more than one post at the same time, and you really don’t want to push out 2 posts at the same time (you don’t want to send a precedent / you are afraid that one of the posts will be neglected / etc), so you can publish one post immediately, and the other one can be set to publish at a later time.
It is fairly easy to set up this option, all you need to do is to go to your New Post Window -> Post Options -> Post Date and Time (as in the below diagram).

How to schedule a blog post in Blogger for later

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