How to promote your Blog on Facebook – Some tips (contd..)

In an earlier post (link), I had outlined some steps to promote your blog using the Social Networking Tool, Facebook, specifically, using the Fan Page tool. Here are some more tips on the same subject, with the hope that you do your best to ensure that you use this tool to its optimum. With Facebook having an increasing number of users, and who are more sticky than other tools, you need to ensure that you do your optimum on this tool. Here are more tips and techniques:
1. If you have friends who are interested in the same area, then send them a link to the Page and invite them to become a Fan(for example, it would make a lot of sense to send a link to a travel Fan Page for somebody who likes to travel, or who has expressed an interest in knowing about different tourist locations)
2. When you enter a post directly to your wall, then a brief excerpt and thumbnail from the post appear next to the post link. At that time, Facebook gives an option to select the thumbnail that appears by giving a small selector. Select the best photo that you can find from the thumbnails that appears.
3. In order to get an initial set of fans, you can ‘encourage’ friends and relatives to become fans. People tend to become fans when they see other people have become fans; and if you get your friends and relatives to become fans, then it becomes easier for you to get more fans. It is only celebrities and important people who automatically have become people becoming fans, others have to struggle.
4. Add some personal touch to your blogs, such as your photo, a note to your readers, and information about the topics. This helps your readers feel more connected to your Fan Page (and to you), and also helps promote your Page by adding to keyword intensity.
5. It would seem like Facebook does not allow you any sort of customization, but that is not true. Facebook Pages now allow you to add customization through the use of 3rd party apps, and for adding Text / HTML, you can use an application such as Static FBML
6. I earlier mentioned using your Fan Page as a part of your signature, in addition, use an invitation to join as part of your status messages on various IM’s (such as setting this as part of your GTalk signature).
7. Claim a short name for your Facebook Fan Page (right now, the page can be a bit long). However, you need to ensure that you have atleast 25 Fans for this to happen (learn more).
Let me know if there are other tips that have helped you in the past. Thanks for reading.

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