How to plan for a trip when you are used to writing a blog post every day

Most people recognize that to increase the number of users coming to your system, and being sticky in the sense of keeping your subscribes as regular readers, you need to ensure that you are providing regular content that is rich and somewhat unique (that you are a presenting your own opinion, not simply copying something from somewhere). One approach that seems to work is that you provide content on a daily basis. This approach ensures that you readers get something to read every day, and works well for many publishers. Doing a daily update also ensures that search engine bots come to your site on a daily basis, and also increases your rank in Search Engines.
However, not all of us can spend 365 days in a year near your computer, sending out updates and post. You do need to plan for days when you will not have access to a computer, or are otherwise indisposed (you could be enjoying some travel with all the money you make blogging, as an example), but you need to ensure that you still churn out those regular daily posts that your readers have got used to. Well, you can do all this by scheduling your posts for the future (and you can do this whether your blog is on WordPress or on Google’s Blogger).
What you need to do is to plan for the number of days that you are going to be gone, and have that much extra posts written up, make sure that they are all in draft status, and then you should setup them for future publishing. Refer to these 2 articles (for WordPress and for Blogger).

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